Before visiting the practice, please read our Covid-19 Procedure
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Covid-19 Procedures

1 Screening

1. Screening

When you schedule your appointment, we will ask you some questions in relation to Covid-19. We will also send you a medical history form to complete via Adobe and return to us before your appointment.

2 Brush

2. Brush your teeth

Please make sure to brush your teeth before attending the practice.

3 Arrival

3. Arrival procedure

On arrival to the practice, we will ask you to sanitise or wash your hands and wear a mask whilst in the practice.

4 Arrive

4. Arrive on time

We do not want to keep anyone siting in the waiting area unnecessarily. So please do arrive on time for your appointment. If you are too late, we may not be able to see you.

5 Come Alone 1

5. Come alone

We request you attend all appointments on your own. Unless you are under the age of 18 or need special assistance, all friends and family members will be asked to wait outside.

6 Symptoms

6. Symptoms

If you are showing any symptoms of Covid-19, please contact us to reschedule. No late cancellation fees will occur. If anyone you have been in contact with has been unwell in the last two weeks, please also reschedule your appointment.

7 Ppe

7. PPE

You will notice that we are wearing additional PPE. For certain procedures, such as filings, crown preparations and hygienist appointments, there will be significant additional PPE.

8 Payment

8. Payment

Please pay by credit/ debit card, not cash. To reduce any risk for you and us.

9 Consultations

9. Online consultations & advice

We are happy to provide online consults with our team if you are isolating or you are in the vulnerable group.