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Member’s Plan

Are you one of our regular visitors who care about their oral health as part of overall wellbeing?

If the answer is YES, you might be eligible for ADP Members Plan!

This is an ‘invitation only’ maintenance plan for our valued patients who attend an annual check up with our dentists and have regular hygiene visits every year.

Becoming a member allows our team to keep an eye on your ongoing care and ensures that they reduce the cost of your annual oral health spending.

Call us today to find out if you are eligible!

How much does it cost?

Description of care provided to membersPlan 1
per month
Plan 2
per month
Plan 3
per month
Annual examination by dentist111
Regular dental hygiene sessions2 (45 mins)3 (45 mins)3 (60 mins)
X-rays as part of your regular examinations244
OPG (large X ray)1
World-wide Accident and Emergency insurance**
Convenient monthly Direct Debit payments
Member’s annual subscription£234.00£330.00£402.00
Pay as you go price£275.00£390.00£472.50
Members save
per year
Members save
per year
Members save
per year

There is a one-off joining (administration) fee of £10 per adult that will be added to your first monthly Direct Debit. After that there are no extra payments, just your agreed monthly amount to cover the benefits for you and the cost of your continuing care is spread throughout the year by convenient monthly Direct Debit payments. This means that you pay less for your regular care.

**Worldwide Accident and Emergency Insurance

As member of the plan you will be registered with ADP’s accident and emergency
insurance which covers:

  • Treatment following accidents
  • Emergency Treatment at another practice whilst away from home or outside of published practice opening times
  • Oral cancer cover (if diagnosed – one off sum of £3000)

These are subject to our practice being able to recover the cost of such treatment under the terms of the insurance policy it has taken for this purpose. A full copy wording of this policy is available upon request. The insurance is arranged through Lloyd & Whyte Ltd. who are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

Who would we recommend these plans for?

These plans are designed for anyone who wants to spread the cost of routine maintenance through the year and enjoy a discount as a result. Your mouth will need to be dentally healthy (i.e. any outstanding items of treatment have been completed) before we can accept you onto any of the plans.

Plan 1 is for people whose teeth and gums are generally very healthy and are being well cared for at home.

Plan 2 is probably recommended for most of our patients who have had some significant treatments like large fillings or crowns in the past, because they need more support from us on an ongoing basis.

Plan 3 is mainly intended for people who have had some complex treatment in the past, such as veneers, orthodontic treatment or dental implants. These treatments require a higher level of maintenance from the patient at home, so in turn require a higher level of support from us.

Whitening Maintenance Plan

Members who have previously had teeth whitening may also like to take advantage of our optional Whitening Maintenance Plans. These are available as an add-on to one of the Dental Maintenance Plans.

Add £6.50 per month whitening maintenance plan for one week’s annual top-up gel (pay as you go price £95.00, add-on price £78.00, saving 18%)

Add £11.00 per month whitening maintenance plan for one week’s annual top-up gel and new trays every two years (pay as you go price £170.00, add-on price £132.00, saving 23%)

Is my personal information safe when I join your Plan?

Both the practice team and our administrators Privilege Plan take care of the security of your personal data. Please refer to the Privacy Notice on the reverse of the green copy of the application form and Direct Debit Instruction for notes on how we use your data.

Important please note: our plan administrators are Privilege Plan Ltd, and their name will appear on your bank statement as the collector of your Direct Debit.

To keep you fully informed of our policies please note the following:

  • There is a one-off £10 administration joining fee which will be taken at your first monthly collection
  • Your monthly payments will be taken on or around the 10th of each month by our administrators Privilege Plan Ltd and their name will appear on your bank statement
  • Your benefits will commence following your first monthly payment
  • If your Direct Debit payments fail twice consecutively we may cancel your membership
  • Patients are responsible for making and attending appointments provided by the plan
  • Entitlements not used in any given period may not be carried forward or refunded
  • Your membership is continuous and does not require renewing each year
  • If you cancel the plan before the end of the year, we may charge you the balance of fees due for treatment received
  • In the event of us deciding to end provision of this plan or to change to a different plan, we will give three months’ notice, or until the end of your current plan year, whichever is longer
  • If you require an additional hygienist session during the year, you will pay for this on the day of the appointment at the same discounted rate as hygienist sessions on the plan level you have joined.