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old fees

These fees are intended as a guide only. Following your consultation, a treatment plan that is specific to your needs will be provided, together with a detailed breakdown of fees.
Certain items of complex treatment are referred to other practitioners outside our practice, who will advise their fees separately.

new patient examination
For all new patients whose concerns relate to general health of the teeth and gums – includes necessary small x-rays, mouth cancer screen, gum disease screen, jaw/bite disease screen.
New patient consultation for complex treatment
For enquiries regarding cosmetic dentistry, dental implants and all referred patients – includes necessary small x-rays, mouth cancer screen, gum disease screen, jaw/bite disease screen, as well as specific investigations & advice related to the enquiry/referral.
Routine patient examination (existing patients)
(includes necessary small x-rays, mouth cancer screen, gum disease screen, jaw/bite disease screen)
Small xray
OPT xray
Full diagnostic workup
(includes full occlusal and TMJ examination, centric relation bite records, mounted study models & model equilibration if needed)
from £450.00
Hygienist sessions for registered patients
(Patient must have attended for an examination with a dentist at the practice within the last 12 months. Fee depends on the prescribed time by the dentist for this treatment)
from £60.00 – £100.00
Hygienist session under Direct Access for non-registered patients
from £115.00

Gum-related treatments

Routine scale & polish 45minutes
Routine & Direct access Scale & Polish 60 minutes
More complex gum treatment
from £120.00 per visit
Surgical crown lengthening
£375.00 – £595.00


Front tooth
from £175.00 – £375.00
Back tooth
from £250.00 – £395.00
Complex composite artistry
e.g. rebuilding large parts of front teeth, closing spaces between front teeth, direct composite veneers, large composite resin buildups for tooth wear

Single tooth

2 teeth
4 teeth
6 teeth

Lab made restorations

Crown / veneer / inlay / onlay
These fees are for metal-ceramic or metal-free (all-ceramic) restorations.
Gold restorations, where clinically appropriate, are quoted at the time of consultation due to fluctuations in gold prices.
From 1200.00
As above per unit
Complex single front tooth
(Inclusive of shade match & custom finishing at laboratory as needed)
1500 – 2500.00 per unit


Home (night or daytime)
We do not offer in-surgery whitening as home whitening gives a better result, which remains whiter for longer at a lower fee.

Root canal treatments:

Incisor/ canine
From 450.00
From 550.00
From 750.00
By quotation


Full upper / lower
from 950.00
Full upper & lower
from 1750.00


from 250.00
from 350.00
Wisdom Teeth
from 550.00

Oral surgery (carried out by oral surgery specialist):

from 250.00
Third molars / failed extractions
from 450.00
from 400.00
IV sedation
From 250.00ph
By quotation


from 1200.00-1500.00
Bone grafting
by quotation
Restoration of implant(s)
by quotation

Occlusal (bite) treatment

Equilibration (following case workup)
from £600.00
Anterior bite plane appliance
from £200.00
B splint
from £200.00
Soft bite appliance
from £200.00
Michigan / Tanner appliance
from £750.00 – £1200.00

Emergency Visits

Standard fee
from £75.00