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White Fillings & Onlays

Our patients are increasingly opting for white composite fillings instead of amalgam (silver) or gold fillings. These tooth coloured materials not only restore the tooth to function but also retain its natural appearance so that you can retain the aesthetics of your smile. These fillings are matched to the shade, translucency and even the texture of your natural teeth, making them unnoticeable.


If a tooth has a very large decay or old failing filling, the hole may be too large to “just fill it” with composite. When this is the case, most of the time the remaining tooth is also structurally weakened by the extent of the filling or decay, leaving it at risk of breaking.

The traditional approach to treat this problem is done with a crown. Unfortunately the preparation for a crown involves removal of large amounts of the remaining part of the tooth. This causes unnecessary removal of heathy tooth structure. A more conservative approach is an onlay — somewhat like an extended filling that restores the tooth and protects the remaining structure from breaking. These involve much less reduction of the tooth. The use of porcelain onlays has improved dramatically both in terms of the strength of the material and the durability of the result. So now you can have your cake and (literally) eat it — strong and natural-looking back teeth conservatively treated.

See the results of White Fillings & Onlays treatment

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