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Veneers are thin porcelain facings, used to disguise minor problems of tooth position and more severe problems of tooth shape or colour.

These commonly involve a small amount of preparation of the tooth surface so that it is the correct shape to receive the veneer. We make every effort to keep this to a minimum.
After fitting, porcelain veneers look at their best for 10-15 years with good maintenance.

If the teeth are well-aligned but need a change in shape, it is possible to place composite resin veneers instead of porcelain veneers. These have the advantage of being added directly to the tooth surface, often with no tooth preparation. They look at their best for 5-7 years with a little maintenance along the way. Not every patient is suitable for this technique but where possible we prefer solutions that are minimally invasive.

See the results of Veneers

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